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At AlwaysBeEpic, we believe in giving; as we believe the best way to get is to give. It sits at the very core of who we are as human beings, here to help others.


One of our dear friends Dawn has contracted a very rare disease Stiff Person Syndrome (, which has received very little awareness and funding to combat it. We want to raise money to help her in her courageous battle. 

Also, since we are also adventurers at heart, we love being in the outdoors; nature holds a special place in our heart.  So we are also raising money for Cool Earth. We like what the Adventurists (the organization hosting the race) said: "Not only is the Rickshaw Run an industrial dose of adventure, it’s also about Saving the World... one rainforest at a time…. [our] official charity [is] Cool Earth."

We can certainly get behind saving the world - one person and one rainforest at a time; and hope you can too.

The race starts on 4/3/16; and we would love to be able to donate the money we raise by then.

Have we said ‘thank you’ yet? Thank you!!



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